UC-8580 Series
Programmable multiple wireless computing platform for onboard applications. Support up-to-4 wireless modules in -40 ~ 70°C environment, with conformal coating. Vehicle-to-ground computing platform with multiple WWAN ports, QMA connectors.  
Mfr. Part#: UC-8580-T-CT-Q-LX
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Features and Benefits

  • Complies with all EN 50155 mandatory test items This product is suitable for rolling stock railway applications, as defined by the EN 50155 standard. For a more detailed statement, click here: www.moxa.com/doc/specs/EN_50155_Compliance.pdf
  • Supports up to 3 WWAN connections and 2 SIM card slots per cellular module
  • Supports 1 WLAN (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) connection
  • Single-panel I/O design for reduced installation space and easier maintenance
  • Front-side access panel for easy maintenance
  • Isolated 24 to 110 VDC power input with power-ignition function suitable for vehicle applications
  • EN 50155 Tx (-40 to 70°C) operating temperature for harsh environments
  • 5-year warranty
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Moxa’s UC-8580 is an innovative computing platform designed specifically for transportation applications.

The UC-8580 is available with one of two different types of antenna connectors. The SMA model supports all SMA type connectors. The QMA model supports TNC connectors for GPS and QMA connectors for Wi-Fi/cellular modules, and has four slots for installing wireless modules. Wireless modules are sold separately. Please contact a Moxa sales representative for details. Three slots support 4G LTE modules, and one slot supports a Wi‑Fi module. Each 4G LTE module has two SIM card slots, which can be used to enable redundant cellular network communications or geo-fencing SIM card selection by leveraging the built-in Wireless Manager, a Moxa software utility for cellular and Wi-Fi management.

The UC-8580 uses an open platform based on Debian 8 with Linux kernel 4.1, allowing solution providers to manage software packages via Debian’s APT (Advanced Packaging Tools), or develop software applications with Moxa’s API Library and GNU C Library.

The UC-8580’s single-sided I/O design is ideal for vehicle applications, which typically do not have a lot of room for installing communications devices. The UC-8580 also has an access panel on the front side, allowing users to install or change wireless modules, SIM cards, or mSATA cards without removing the entire unit from the wall after being mounted.

The UC-8580 can be used as a communication-centric computing platform for the following applications:

  • Vehicle-to-ground communication gateway

  • TCMS T2G (train-to-ground) gateway

  • Mobile condition monitoring unit

  • Ethernet Consist Network T2G gateway

  • Onboard wireless automated fare collection unit


SMA Model

QMA Model