Network Infrastructure

Industrial-grade Ethernet Switches, Routers, Cellular Routers/Gateways, 802.11 Wi-Fi and media converter for renewable energy, automation, transportation, and oil and gas applications. Certified with EN 50155, IEC 61850, IEC 62443, Class I Division 2.

  • Ethernet Switches

    Ethernet Switches

    Industrial-grade Ethernet Switches with network redundancy, enhanced security, easy management and top performance. Our range includes unmanaged switches, managed switches, PoE switches, rackmount switches and for rail application with EN 51055 standard.

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  • Secure Routers

    Secure Routers

    Industrial secure routers with Gigabit-performance to protect critical assets and provide secure remote access, ensuring defense-in-depth security. Additionally, Moxa offers IEC 61375-2-5 Ethernet routers that can handle traffic between Ethernet Train Backbones and Ethernet Consist Networks.

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  • Industrial Wireless

    Industrial Wireless

    Industrial IEEE 802.11n wireless AP/bridge/client products are designed with high electromagnetic immunity protects against electromagnetic disturbances, galvanic isolation guards against voltage instability, and wide-temperature ranges and shock and vibration resistance ensure reliable operation. The Industrial cellular solutions are designed for WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) communications with serial and Ethernet devices over 4G LTE cellular networks.

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  • Ethernet Media Converters

    Ethernet Media Converters

    Industrial Ethernet media converters provide reliable, stable conversion of Ethernet data to fiber optic signals, even in harsh industrial environments.

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  • Network Management Software

    Network Management Software

    Friendly network management suite that presents all network settings, conditions, and traceable records through a visual, engineer-friendly interface. Visibility of the network status simplifies installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics.

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  • Secure Remote Access

    Secure Remote Access

    A secure, easy to deploy and scalable remote access solution that enables you to remotely configure, maintain, and troubleshoot your device.

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