Moxa Industrial NAT

Why NAT (Network Address Translation)?

Are you experiencing issues with unresponsive devices from time to time? This is not ideal when you connect your machines to a large scale application to improve operation efficiency. It is especially creates big headache when the only option is to reconfigure the IP addressing one by one. Moxa Networt Address Translation (NAT) device can change that:

1. Operational Efficiency:

Allowing same IP to be aggregated or duplicated into the same network

2. Less Network Resource:
Less public IP addresses are needed

3. Better Network Security:
Segmented private networks have less exposure to potential cybersecurity risk.

Why Moxa NAT-102 Series? 

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User-Friendly Web Interface for Better Configuration and Monitoring

a. Device Summary

b. Easy 5-Step Wizard Configuration
c. Auto Learning Lock to easily set up security access control

Automatically Learns the IP and MAC Address

Automatically learns the IP and MAC address of locally connected devices and binds them to the access list. This feature not only help managing access control but also makes device replacements much more efficient.


a) Manual Learning

b) Auto Learning on Startup

Industrial-grade and Ultra-compact Design

Featuring wide-temperature models that are built to operate reliably in hazardous conditions and extreme temperatures of -40 up to 75°C. Furthermore, the ultra-compact size allows the NAT-102 Series to be easily installed into cabinets.

Cost-Effective With Security Functions Intact 

Offer cost saving and allow for simple network segementation in a larger network while increasing network security and reliability.

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