Moxa TCC-80I: Port Powered. 2.5 KV Isolation.

Mfr. Part#:
Sales Description Port-Powered RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter with 15 KV serial ESD protection, terminal block on the RS-422/485 side, and 2.5 KV optical isolation
Features Description
  • Serial port powered from RS-232 TxD, RTS and DTR
  • External power source if no handshake line available
  • 2.5 KV Isolation
  • Compact size
  • Selectable 2/4-wire RS-485 and RS-422 conversion
  • RS-485 automatic data direction control
  • Surge protection, 15 KV ESD
  • Built-in 120 Ohm termination resistors
  • Patented LED Port Power Indicator

Unit: mm (inch)

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