PLANET provides industry-leading, reliable, and standard-based networking products and solutions to fulfill user needs with the most complete range of product offerings and superior cost-benefit performance.

PLANET Ethernet Extender Converter/Bridge

Extend Ethernet Converter/Bridge over existing telephone line(RJ11 or BNC), optional built-in phone splitter and 4-ports Ethernet switch. Max speed 100Mbps/100Mbps (Up/Down) and Max distance up ... Details

Planet Media Converters

Copper to Fiber Media Converter is to solve the distance limit between the Ethernet and Local Area Network. Through the fiber media converters, the networking distance can extend to as long as 1... Details

PLANET Single-Strand (WDM) Fiber Media Converter

Single-Strand, doubled the bandwidth by using the existing Fiber Cable Media Converter


PLANET Chassis

7/15 slot Unmanaged Chassis16 slot SNMP Managed ChassisRedundant Power Supply availableHot-swappable


PLANET Video over Fiber Converter

Transmit Video and data (RS485) over single/multi-mode fiber converter, up to 20 Km