Using AutoScan to Easily Setup PROFIBUS Devices

To simplify IT and OT integration, newer industrial fieldbus gateway provides automatic technology such as AutoScan that allow users to configure the gateways and connecting devices in only a few minutes.

The AutoScan function can automatically detect PROFIBUS devices connected on the Ethernet network with just one click. When the scan is completed, you can change the detected slave device configurations and download them to the Master.

In the below screenshot, user click the AutoScan button in the gateway setup screen which will display all the devices detected on the PROFIBUS network with configured I/O modules in a new window. You can click the top checkbox to select all, or just select the specific checkbox for each signal device. When you click the OK button, the selected device and related I/O modules will be added to the PROFIBUS network configuration. This function means you don’t need to add the slave devices one by one manually.

With AutoScan feature, you can skip several steps setting the PROFIBUS devices to the network and saving you valuable time.




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