User-Friendly Security Management – MXview

Having cybersecurity building blocks deployed in an ICS network is not sufficient to completely protect critical assets from unauthorized access. According to a report published by ICS-CERT, a sound security management model should include the following stages:

  • Identify and secure network connections in the ICS
  • Harden network devices
  • Manage the human factor
  • Continually monitor and assess the network’s security status
  • Respond to incidents and get networks back to normal operation quickly

Those with malicious intent can still access the secure network if individuals who use the ICS network do not adhere to the security management model. In order to guarantee that the network has not been compromised, check if the ICS network is following the management principles and ensure that all users have read the guidelines to ensure a more secure ICS network.

The Moxa MXview provides the features below.

  • Security Status at a Glance

MXview provides an integrated management platform that can manage network devices installed on subnets from a web browser at both local and remote sites. In addition, Security View helps users visualize the security status of network devices. By utilizing Security View, network administrators can view the security level of a device, as well as check the security parameters such as the password policy status in real time for each network device. For general industrial users, this view provides built-in user-friendly profiles to meet the technical security requirements of the IEC 62443 standard. Security View also provides security experts the flexibility to create profiles. Network administrators can easily gain a complete overview of the network’s security level and quickly respond to any vulnerability that is identified on their networks.

  • Security Setup in 3 Steps

MXconfig helps users install, configure, and maintain multiple Moxa network devices in just a few clicks. MXconfig’s Security Wizard allows users to select multiple network devices and launch a wizard that can set up or change security-related parameters for those devices. Even though some devices on the network might require complex parameter configurations, network administrators can rest assured that the MXconfig tool will set up each device on their network with the correct configurations.

  • Fast Security Monitoring

There are multiple security settings for each and every network device that needs to be checked and enabled to meet the technical requirements of the IEC 62443 standard. Without the help of tools such as MXview and MXconfig, network administrators have to manually check network devices one by one to set the parameters, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. MXconfig’s Security Wizard drastically cuts down on configuration time by supporting batch configuration of large numbers of network devices, which also helps when configuring each device manually.