Security in Industrial Networks & MXview Security Demo

There are several risk areas in the industrial networks.

    • Unauthorized Access – We need to prevent access to device
    • Unencrypted Key/Configuration data – Configuration files have sensitive data in them
    • Unsecured data transmission – users and passwords send in clear text and data streams un-encrypted in terminal services
    • Incomplete event logs – How can I tell if someone is trying to get into my device
    • Improper Config and Lack of monitoring – How to make it less prone to error when setting up devices and how to monitor security status and intrusion status.
Security - Risks
Security risks in the industrial networks

Security solutions must include enhanced component-level security and a mechanism to manage the security level of devices. To put these security measures into practice, component suppliers must ramp up the security level of their network devices and the network as a whole. The technical security requirement of industrial security standard is IEC-62443-4-2 Level 2.

Security - IEC62443
IEC-62443 compliance

With Moxa MXview (link need to be update), user is able to see the possible security hole within network.  Furthermore, this management software will provide suggestions to minimize the security risks.

MXview Security View

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