A Secure Remote Access Solution for Industrial Applications

The remote access usually relies on VPN and VPN is the most popular secure tunnel for communication.  However, it is not so easy to set it up unless you have some level of IT background.  Thanks for the technology, the new cloud-based VPN reduce the effort to make the tunnel communication works.  Still, there is no central management for all the communication happen in your automation network.

VPN Comparison

For the automation world, the cloud-based VPN should have these features specially designed for the industrial network.

  • Agility for Industrial Secure Remote Access
  • Smart Features for Easy Deployments
  • Web-Portal-Based Centralized Cellular Management
Cloud-Based Secure Remote Access Solution

The Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) solutions comprise VPN client software, industrial VPN gateways, and a VPN server platform. The MRC solutions provide an easily managed and secure connectivity platform that helps establish VPN interconnections between supervisory servers, field machines, and service engineers for remote monitoring, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

  • Plug-and-play auto-configuration
  • Firewall-friendly with IT policy compliance
  • Smart IP Mapping for easy field IP management
  • Smart Protection to secure remote access control and data privacy
  • Smart Tunnelling to support general software applications

Moxa MRC

The MRC Server offers centralized secure connectivity management and support general software application.  The client software can easily install on computer servers or laptops.  The MRC Gateway is attached to SCADA or PLC and provides wire or cellular connectivity to the Internet.  The manager of MRC Server can easily setup which users or computers can establish the VPN tunnels to certain SCADA or PLC, or the protocols can be used for this communication.  It is an end to end security adapting to IT firewall policy without any change, and remain local network configuration without any change.