Reliable and Secure Remote Access Using 4G LTE

Long-range and wide-area applications are no longer restricted by distance and speed constraints. Network devices built using the LTE standard can support the high bandwidth and speed needed for large-scale long-distance network applications, such as intelligent transportation systems (ITS), power distribution, and water treatment and distribution systems.

LTE gateways deliver reliable connectivity in harsh environments for 24/7 wireless operations to meet the diverse needs of your large-scale network applications.

Remote Access over LTE
Remote Access over LTE


Connection Reliability

LTE gateways are designed to provide continuous connectivity. The dual-SIM cellular operator backup provides automatic switchover when one of the links goes down. Dual power inputs ensure power redundancy and connection reliability. In addition, GuaranLink technology implements a 4-tier connection check method that makes continuous connectivity a reality.

Industrial-grade Design

LTE products come with a rugged hardware design that includes high-level EMS protection, antenna/power isolation for insulation protection, and built-in DI/DOs for real-time event alarms and notifications. The  LTE gateways meet stringent industry standards, such as ATEX Zone 2 and IECEx, making them well suited for applications in hazardous locations. In addition, LTE gateways can operate reliably in extreme temperatures, making it easy to deploy and operate these devices in harsh environments, including the interior of wayside cabinets.

High Security

To prevent attacks from malicious persons or applications and strengthen the security of critical data over a cellular network, LTE gateways provide secure VPN communication in both server and client roles. Network protocols, such as IPSec, GRE, and OpenVPN, are supported to help you easily establish secure and reliable connections between two networks. The gateways meet the technical security requirements of the IEC-62443 security standard to provide high device-level security.

Smart Central Management

Cellular networks, in most cases, are located in remote hard-to-reach areas that are spread over different geographical locations. The powerful OnCell Central Manager tool ensures effective management of remote devices. This cellular device management tool can easily configure and manage a high volume of remote devices over cellular networks using functions such as commands to remotely reboot devices and perform firmware upgrades. The user-friendly dashboard with RSSI historical data and RESTful APIs that can be used for cross-platform monitoring facilitate quick troubleshooting, thereby reducing network downtime.

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