I got my SIM card, what is next?

All the SIM cards are ready to use when you receive it.  There is just one more step to connect to the cellular network.

Program the APN.  APN is a name to identify the network that your devices use to access data service.  In order to connect your M2M to the cellular network, an APN needs to manually program in each of your cellular devices.

Neteon APN: neteon.com.attz

All the devices with Neteon provided AT&T SIM cards must program with this APN, which applies to Neteon connectivity service only.  There is no username nor password needed.  Please be sure the exact APN, as shown above, is programed in your devices.  Any mismatch will result in data connection unavailable to the devices.


Here are additional technical information about Neteon/AT&T cellular services.


What coverage does the AT&T data service provide?

  • AT&T has the nation’s largest network to connect all your devices.   Click the coverage map to see the detail in your area.

Does the AT&T data service provide coverage outside of the US?

  • Yes, with additional fee.  Please contact us to learn about our international plan.

SIM Card

What is SIM card?

  • SIM card is an integrated circuit which contains the cellular carrier’s network settings.  This card is used for the cellular devices including the mobile phone.

Which SIM card should I use?

  • The SIM card comes with few different sizes, mini-SIM (2FF), micro-SIM (3FF), and nano-SIM(4FF).  Please contact us to find out the correct SIM card for your devices.


What is Provisioning:

  • Provisioning is the process of preparing mobile devices to the cellular network.

Rate of plan

  • Wireless carriers typically charge by the data usage (MB) per month.  The cost can be calculated by the formula.  Total cost = $X per month for Y MB data + $Z per MB over Y
  • Share groups allow you to share data between plans within each tier.  Click here (Neteon Data Plan page) for detail.


What is VPN?

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private communications network that utilized dedicated equipment and data encryption to securely connect remote sites or users together over the public Internet.

What is IPsec?

  • IPsec (Internet Protocol Security Protocol) is the most popular protocol used in VPN connection.  It provides guaranteed per-packet authenticity and confidentiality between peers.

IP Address

What is an Internet Protocol (IP) address?

  • The IP address is an identification of devices connected to the Ethernet network.  The address enables delivery of data transmission to the proper device.

What is a dynamic IP Address?

  • A type of IP address that is a temporary address which derived from a pool of addresses, and can change every time unit is rebooted.

What is a static for fixed IP address?

  • A type of IP address that is permanently assigned to a device.  The address remains the same even when the unit is rebooted.

What is a Private IP address?

  • A Private IP is an address that is not accessible via the Internet.

What is a Public IP address?

  • A Public IP is an address can be accessed via the Internet.