Moxa 2X Higher MTBF Compared to Another Leading Brand

Moxa provides a full spectrum of industrial networking, computing, and automation products for many mission-critical industrial applications. In order to cope with the often harsh conditions of these unconventional industrial environments, Moxa’s commitment to product quality always begin from the moment they are conceived.


Higher MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) Leads to Higher Quality

Moxa vs Cisco
Moxa vs Cisco

Information source: Cisco IE2000 Datasheet


Fewer Components Lead To Higher Reliability

Another way to achieve the best product reliability is to minimize possible failing points in the product design.  So Moxa designed their switches with the fewest numbers of PCB board which results in fewer connectors and components inside each unit.  Other name brand vendor may contain as many as 7 PCB boards which results in more connectors and more failing points in their products.


100% Burn-In For All Moxa Wide Temperature Products

All Moxa’s wide temperature industrial Ethernet switches have to pass a 20-hour rigorous burn-in test to ensure ultimate industrial grade reliability and durability.  As the result, all Moxa wide temp models rated for -40 to 75 celsius degree can survive in all kind of extreme and difficult operating conditions, no matter the enclosure is sealed or not, with air flow or not.

Moxa Burn In Test
Moxa 100% Burn-In Test