Large Scale Power Monitoring with High-density Modbus Ethernet Gateway

Moxa MGate MB3660 Series can be accessed by up to 256 TCP master/client devices, or connect to 128 TCP slave/server devices simultaneously without decreasing performance. Each serial port can be connected with up to 31 serial devices. In addition, the MGate MB3660 gateways are designed with dual Ethernet interfaces and dual power modules (AC or DC) for addressing redundancy concerns.  In addition, it also provides 2kV  isolation protection (optional).

MGate MB3660
Moxa MGate MB3660

A SCADA system can retrieve all of the data from end devices in just 1 second. By using a high density Modbus gateway, you no longer need to use large numbers of low-port-density Modbus gateways, which come with the added burden of extra wiring and installing hardware and software one gateway at a time.

One of the challenges of monitoring multiple devices in a large-scale network with an innovative, intelligent method that uses MB3660 gateways to actively collect all of the data retrieved at a remote site. With this technology, you do not need to waste time configuring the hundreds of Modbus commands, storing them in your Modbus gateways as copies from the SCADA. Instead, the local controllers reply immediately to SCADA requests by sending pre-read data, without being delayed by slow serial device response.

Since the gateway actively and continuously retrieves data from Modbus devices simultaneously through different serial ports, users will see a dramatic reduction in the amount of time a Modbus device needs to wait to be accessed. SCADA systems can retrieve Modbus device data directly from the gateway’s memory, instead of waiting for the gateway to pass commands to the serial ports, thereby enhancing the Modbus gateway’s communication performance. Moxa’s MB3660-8/16 gateway performs more than 10 times faster compared to a traditional round-robin polling mechanism.

MB3660 Agent Mode
MB3660 Agent Mode

This strong collection of benefits make the MGate MB3660 gateways a perfect fit for power monitoring, power substation, environmental monitoring, and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) in large-scale industrial applications.

The MGate MB3660 Modbus gateways support redundancy for both the power input and Ethernet connection. The MGate MB3660 gateways come with dual AC or DC power inputs built in for power redundancy, and have dual Ethernet ports (that support different IPs) for network redundancy.

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