IoT Ready Starter Kit for Energy Monitoring

Installing individual energy meters into existing equipment provides tremendous data but carries a high cost of installation and is disruptive to ongoing operations.

The Wzzard Energy Monitoring Starter Kit provides a non-intrusive, easily installed solution for monitoring current consumption of your equipment, processes or panels without disrupting your existing operations.

Advantech B+B Wzzard Energy B+B Monitoring Starter Kit
Advantech B+B Wzzard Energy B+B Monitoring Starter Kit
    • Everything you need to monitor current consumption in one box.
    • Quickly deploy proof-of-concept and pilot projects in minutes with your existing network connection. The kit can be installed and collecting data within an hour.
    • No equipment downtime, simply snap on the current clamps connected to the wireless Wzzard node and provide an Ethernet connection to the gateway
    • Built in Node-RED dashboard, data trendlines, email/SMS alerts and data logging capability
    • Easily expand the Starter Kit system by adding additional Wzzard nodes and sensors to your existing gateway
    • Scale it to hundreds, or thousands, of inputs from one location or multiple locations.


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