Industrial Secure Firewall/Router – EDR-G900/800 Series

From Plant Networks to Enterprise Networks

Moxa’s EDR series provides Gigabit performance cyber security that integrates firewall, VPN, NAT, and L2 switching* into one product, and is designed to secure remote access and also protect critical devices in the control networks. With comprehensive product offering, the EDR series is ideal for facilitating defense-in-depth network security from plant networks to enterprise networks.

Target requirementDual WAN redundancySecurity between WAN
and LAN communication
Secure router; multiple ports
for direct device connections
Interface2 WANs (Combo);
1 LAN (Combo)
1 WAN (Combo);
1 LAN (RJ45)
1 WAN; 15 LANs
(SFP fiber or RJ45)
Throughput40,000 fps25,000 fps10,000 fps
Firewall/NAT512 / 256 policies256 / 128 policies256 / 128 policies
VPN100 IPSec tunnels50 IPSec tunnels10 IPSec tunnels
WAN backupDual WAN--
Layer 2 Switching--Yes
Ring Redundency--Turbo Ring