FAQs for Modbus Serial to TCP Conversion

Modbus protocol is widely used in many industrial automation applications and many devices support serial based Modbus RTU protocol are being connected to Modbus TCP based networks.

These FAQs help you to identify and prevent common Modbus protocol conversion issues including:

  1. To connect Modbus RTU serial devices to an Ethernet network, do I need a specific protocol conversion gateway? Or can a common serial device server achieve the same result?
  2. If I have more than one Modbus RTU device connected to different serial ports on a gateway, how do I plan the TCP connection architecture? Can I use a single connection, or do I need to use a separate connection for each serial port?
  3. How do I use a gateway to allow multiple SCADA hosts to access the same Modbus RTU devices simultaneously?
  4. I have two working Modbus master devices (PLC or HMI). How do I exchange the data between these two systems?
  5. I have multiple Modbus RTU devices I need to query. I can use multiple Modbus commands to read all register data but it takes too much time. Is it possible for the gateway to get the data actively and put them into single register so I can just use one Modbus command to get all the data?


Modbus FAQ
Modbus FAQ