Perfect production is characterized by zero defects. Once again, production data is the key to achieve zero defects. Two types of data are applicable: stable data (on/off status) and temporary data (generated over short periods and needs to be recorded without missing any parts). When the latter is generated, an alert should be sent immediately to operators that an interruption is occurring. As the production quality is reflected in this temporary data, the challenge is to capture this data precisely. A ruggedly designed IIoT controller collects precise data in harsh environments to keep line managers up-to-date about the status of all devices in the field.

Moxa provides a ruggedly designed IIoT data gateway to help customers collect precise data in harsh environments so that the line manager stays up-to-date with regard to the status of all devices in the field. Moreover, the ioPAC uses an open platform, and customers can implement their program to do data preprocessing in order to retrieve valuable information for predictive maintenance from raw data and reduce traffic between the IIoT gateways and back-end servers. The ioPAC also provides Azure cloud-ready connectivity. Customers can push their data to the Azure cloud and leverage third-party software to do data mining or data analysis.

Entry-level Unmanaged Ethernet Switch with 5 x 10/100BaseT(X) ports, -10 to 60°C
Spider 5TX
5 x 10/100Base-TX Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switch with Slim Form Factor