Designing SCADA Friendly Industrial Ethernet Switch

To optimize system performance and improve network manageability, industrial network switches and gateways should integrate seamlessly with industrial automation networks for centralized SCADA control and monitoring.

However, most industrial Ethernet switches on the market today are only capable of transmitting network traffic carrying industrial protocols and do not have build-in function to process these industrial protocols and therefore are unable to be monitored on the same SCADA network as the PLC and other I/O devices.

As the result, these industrial Ethernet switches often require additional IT network management software to monitor these switches on the Ethernet network which results in higher operating cost, more  complexity and less easy to maintain.

Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches and gateways, such as Moxa SDS-3008 Smart Switch now include build-in support to process industrial protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFINET.  The on-site engineers can quickly configure these Moxa networking equipment and easily monitor their system performance and network condition on the same SCADA/HMI network.


Industrial Switch w/ Protocol


With build-in EtherNet/IP support, the Moxa SDS-3008 switch can be integrated into Rockwell SCADA monitoring system

Switch - Ethernet IP Rockwell
Support Rockwell SCADA with Ethernet/IP and IGMP
Switch - Rockwell SCADA
Rockwell SCADA monitoring screen