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In a mixed-model production line, a programmable controller that supports multiple functions and interfaces, such as serial interface, DI/O, and AI/O, is a huge asset. The controller helps categorize production tasks by automatically retrieving the task sequence from an MES.

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For example, tools are identified by an RFID tag, and the controller retrieves the production method from the MES via RESTful API and notifies all the relevant machines via an industrial protocol, such as EtherNet/IP, ProfiBus, or Modbus. The production information can be retrieved via an IT protocol, such as RESTful API.
Moxa’s new NPort IAW5105A (1-Port) and NPort IAW5205A (2-Port) conveniently integrates a serial device server, a Wi-Fi client, and DI and DO into a single compact device that is ideal for limited-space applications. What this solution means for you is that it makes everything from commissioning to troubleshooting painless.

  • Smart redundancy and network traffic control using existing RSTP and VLAN
  • 1 page configuration dashboard make it extremely easy to configure
  1. To connect Modbus RTU serial devices to an Ethernet network, do I need a specific protocol conversion gateway?
  2. If I have more than one Modbus RTU device connected to different serial ports on a gateway, how do I plan the TCP connection architecture?
  3. How do I use a gateway to allow multiple SCADA hosts to access the same Modbus RTU devices simultaneously?

More details about Moxa SDS-3008


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Moxa SDS-3008 Industrial Switch

Remote Access over LTE


Connection Reliability

LTE gateways are designed to provide continuous connectivity. The dual-SIM cellular operator backup provides automatic switchover when one of the links goes down. Dual power inputs ensure power redundancy and connection reliability. In addition, GuaranLink technology implements a 4-tier connection check method that makes continuous connectivity a reality.