Connecting Devices in a Smart Factory

The first step to build or upgrade into a smart factory is to connect all devices into a network. As legacy field devices are most often not connected to the core network. System administrators need to visit the field site to maintain these devices manually, which makes system maintenance costly and difficult. The connected devices can make monitoring, remote configuration, troubleshooting, even mass deployment easier in turn saves time and money along improving quality of the production.

The first action in connecting devices is determine devices interface. Things like:

Does it have connectivity interface?

Does it use wire or wifi?

Is it using Input/Output, serial or Ethernet interface?

Is it using RS-232 or RS-422/485 serial interface?

What physical connector is it using, RJ45, DB9, DB25, M12?

What particular protocol is used for the connection? Modbus, Allen Bradly, Profibus, CANbus…etc.




For all different combination of connecting interfaces, It is more than likely there has been a product in the market for it. Neteon has organized and made easy to use filters for customers to pick and choose the right connection product for particular industrial use. You can also contact their Sales engineer directly for product and application advice.


Serial Interface to Ethernet

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