Serial-to-Fiber Converters

Convert Serial protocols such as RS-232/422/485 or Profibus to optical fiber. Extend tranmission distance up to 45 km, and provide immunity from background noisy.

Profibus to Fiber Coverter

Industrial Profibus to Fiber converters. Convert Profibus from copper to optical fiber up to 4 km (multi-mode) or 45 km (single-mode) distance.


Industrial Serial to Fiber Converter

Neteon offers a wide range of Industrial grade Serial to Fiber media converters. Our media converters offer the flexibility of having serial connectivity for RS-232/422/485 to be converted over... Details

RS-232/422/485 to Fiber Converter

Convert RS-232 or RS-232/422/485 to optical fiber. Available with Single Mode and Multi Mode Fiber with ST or SC connector up to 40 km.



Key Features

Fiber Basic

Unlike the copper cable such as Cat 5, the fiber cable works very well in noisy environments. The other major advantage is less resistant in the signals traveling. The data can be transmitted to much further distances, up to 80 km, as opposed to the transmission on copper cables.



Serial to Fiber

Due to the easiness of setup and low cost, serial devices are used around the world of industrial systems. If greater distances are required, RS-485 increases the distance to 400 feet (or 1200 meters). However, the longer the copper cable, the more data corruption due to the electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency (RFI) interference.



Profibus to Fiber

Profibus is widely used in the DCS (Distributed Control Systems) which the system controllers are connected by networks for communication, control, and monitoring. Following is the diagram where the Profibus to Fiber can be used in the DCS.