Digi One SP By Digi Part# 70001851

1 port RS-232/422/485 DB-9 Serial to Ethernet Device Server

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  • Easy installation using install CD
  • Patented Digi RealPort technology for COM or TTY port control and management
  • Support TCP/UDP socket services and UDP Multicast for broad device connectivity and application use
  • Auto-connect the serial device to networked server using raw, Telnet , Rlogin
  • Reverse Telnet for easy access of serial devices from network
  • Support configuration using web browser
  • Switch-selectable RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 for simple interfacing to any type of serial device
  • Support RFC 2217 for complete serial port control using raw socket connection
  • Support DHCP/RARP/ARP-Ping for IP address assignment
  • Full modem and hardware flow control

Optional Mounting



Din Rail Track 39

Din-Rail Track (39) - 11110320

1 meter (39 inches) 35 mm Steel Din-Rail Track.

Din Rail Track 12

Din-Rail Track (12) - 11110320/12

30 cm (12 inches) 35 mm Steel Din-Rail Track.