Industrial Wireless AP/Client/Bridge

The industrial grade Access Points are highly rated for the rugged design, top security features, and rock-solid performance. The APs establish 802.11 WiFi on commuter trains, communicating with automatic guided vehicles, and more. For industrial applications, dual RF radios and fast roaming enhance the network redundancy and reliability. Wide temperature and M12 (water proof) models are available for extreme applications.

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Moxa AWK-1131A-US Moxa


802.11n Access Point, US band, 0 to 60°C

AWK-1131A-US-T Moxa


802.11n Access Point, US band, -40 to 75°C

Moxa AWK-3131A-US Moxa


wireless AP/bridge/client, -25 to 60°C

Moxa AWK-3131A-US-T Moxa


wireless AP/bridge/client, -40 to 75°C

Moxa AWK-5232-US Moxa


Dual-RF Wireless AP/Bridge/Client, 0 to 60°C

Moxa AWK-6232-M12-US-T Moxa


IP68 Dual-RF Wireless AP/Bridge/Client -40 to 75°C