Industrial Serial Connectivity


Industrial Protocol / Fieldbus Converters

Industrial automation applications often use a variety of Fieldbus protocols for device networking and this can cause transmission issues. Neteon provides varies Modbus gateways and different Fi... Details

Serial-to-Ethernet Device Servers

Serial Device Server with virtual com, TCP Server/Clinet and UDP for remote monitoring and data acquisition.


Serial-to-WiFi Device Servers

Serial to Wireless device server utilities 802.11 WiFi, provides the mobility to end devices which need to be moved from time to time.


Serial-to-Cellular Gateways

Machine-to-machine communication systems are moving more and more real-time data ever faster. Advance in cellular technology are growing to meet these bandwidth needs. The Cellular M2M Gateways ... Details

Serial-to-Fiber Converters

Convert Serial protocols such as RS-232/422/485 or Profibus to optical fiber. Extend tranmission distance up to 45 km.


Serial Converters and Repeaters

Convert RS-232 to RS-422/485, repeat the single to further distance, or provide isolation protection on the serial communication.