Industrial I/O


Smart I/O

Smart Remote I/O product line reconciles the conflict of remote connectivity and real-time data acquisition. The smart I/O products feature seamless cloud connectivity, active data updates to th... Details

Remote I/O

Remote I/O product series provides reliable I/O to industrial protocol gateway. The Remote I/O products series are design to withstand wide operating temperature and work reliably in harsh envir... Details

Intelligent Cellular Remote I/O

I/O over Cellular network. Transmit Digital and Analog inputs, and Relay over 3G cellular network.


Serial RS-485 Remote I/O

To acquire and control remote digital and analog devices over RS-485 connections. Control digital on/off devices such as switches, sensors, LEDs and more.


Railway Remote I/O

Remote I/O with EMC standards. Designed with shock resistance and to operate reliably in wide temperature environments for railway applications.