Ethernet Extender

The Ethernet Extender is the most cost effective solution to extend the Ethernet network via utilitize the existing telephone twisted wire or serial cables.

Compact Ethernet Extender

Extend Ethernet connection via RJ-11 twisted wires or coaxial cables up to 9800 feet.


Industrial Ethernet Extender

Industrial Ethernet extender designed for harsh environment with Link-Fault-Pass-Through to improve network efficiency.


Key Features

Extend Ethernet Network Beyond the Limitation

Ethernet has been widely used in every application, also in industrial applications. To improve the efficiency of industrial automation, engineerings in different environments are considering the best way to provide centralized control/management and remote monitoring. However, the limitation, 100 meters (328 feet), is the barrier that every Ethernet connection needs to break through. Traditionally, an Ethernet hub or switch will be added every 100 meters to extended the Ethernet distance, or fiber cables need to be installed which can require cost and time. Is there any other better way to extend the Ethernet communication?Here are the products that can solve this problem.


Easy Management & Maintenance

The managed Ethernet Extender can be remotely accessed via the virtual panel through a web-based browser. When a link failure occurs, system operators are notified in the control room in real time.


Reliable Network & Industrial-grade Design

The LFP (Link Fault Pass-through) feature enhance the network reliability. When one side of link fails, the LFP function forwards the link status to adjacent ports to reduce data loss, and allows operators to quickly recover the failed link. The industrial-grade designs and -40 to 75oC wide-temperature operation allow uninterrupted communication for mission-critical applications when deployed in severe outdoor environments.