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The AirLink® Raven RV50 is the industry’s lowest power consuming LTE gateway. Simple to install and easy to manage, the Raven RV50 industrial gateway is designed to connect critical assets and infrastructure. Ideal for industrial-grade applications in energy, utilities and smart-city infrastructure, the Raven RV50 provides real-time remote connectivity for SCADA, distribution management systems and metering. With LTE coverage on major global networks, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile...etc, the Raven RV50 brings the benefits of broadband connectivity to the most challenging environments, where servicing is not an option and power is often scarce. It is the industry’s only fully operational 4G gateway with 2G power consumption. LTE bandwidth makes it a viable alternative to costly wired and wireless technologies, providing a future-proof solution that protects investment. RV50 provides gigabit Ethernet, RS-232 serial and USB connection. It is also IP64 rated and Class I Div 2 certified. *Antenna and power adapter are not included. For RV50 complete package, please see RV50 Complete Package

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Feature and Benefits

  • Rugged Design for Demanding Environments

The Raven RV50 is the most rugged AirLink gateway ever built. Designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions, it is capable of surviving 5 V brownouts and spikes from -600 VDC to 200 VDC. Certified as Class I Div 2, it is ideal for hazardous environments. The die cast aluminium housing is sealed to meet IP64 for resistance to dust and water ingress. The Raven RV50 is tested to meet and exceed the MIL-STD-810G specification for shock, vibration, temperature and humidity. The built-in power supply protection make it suitable for harsh electrical environments such as compressors, generators, and excavators.


  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption

 The Raven RV50 offers best-in-class power consumption combined with LTE performance, and is optimized for solar applications. It is the industry’s only 4G gateway with 2G power consumption, operating at 900 mW in idle mode. For 2G and 3G deployments migrating to LTE, the Raven RV50 will work with existing power infrastructure, eliminating the need to invest in replacement solar panels. Standby Mode provides additional protection for batteries by dropping power consumption to 53 mW, and can be triggered by timers, low voltage detection or I/O.


  • Simplified Deployment

The Raven RV50 is the first industrial LTE gateway to offer a single product variant for North American network operators, and a single product variant for international network operators. The Raven RV50 supports network operator switching— automatic configuration of the radio, based on the SIM—providing versatility and simplicity when changing between network operators at any time.


  • Best-In_Class Remote Management

The Raven RV50 can be remotely managed by AirLink Management Service (ALMS)—the cloud management solution ranked “best-in-class” by ABI Research. ALMS supports over-the-air device registration, configuration and software updates. Variables such as signal strength, network technology, location, temperature and voltage can be remotely monitored to help maintain connectivity. Dashboards display up-to-date views of the entire deployment, and custom reports can be set-up to monitor critical events and prevent downtime.

  • Instant Integration

The Raven RV50 is designed to install directly into existing infrastructure. Offering both serial and Ethernet connectivity, it can be used to connect devices like PLCs and RTUs, and transmit a wide variety of protocols like Modbus/DNP3 with ease. The Raven RV50 can also be integrated directly into existing management systems via SNMP.


  • Intelligence at the edge

The Raven RV50’s Application Framework (AAF) provides programmability for leading-edge on-board data gathering, real-time processing and integration with the Sierra Wireless IoT Acceleration Platform. Processing data from connected devices, and making decisions at the edge can all be realized with the Raven RV50.


  • Secure Industrial Communications

The Raven RV50 is loaded with features to secure critical data. It supports secure communications to multiple back-end systems by providing up to five concurrent VPN sessions. Remote authentication management allows enterprise-grade systems to manage access to devices in the field. Finally, port filtering and trusted IP protect the devices connected to the Raven RV50 from unwanted access.


RV 50




Ant-SW-1810075 - 1810075

Single 9″ Multi-Band Direct Connect Dipole Antenna Omni-Directional – Black – Right Angle Elbow – SMA Male 2 dBi – 698-960/1710-2170/2500-2700 MHz


Power Adapter

SW-2000579-Power Supply

SW-2000579-Power Supply - 2000579

Sierra Wireless AirLink AC Power Adapter


Mounting Kit

SW-6000659-Din-Rial Mounting Bracket

SW-6000659-Din-Rial Mounting Bracket - 6000659

Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven RV50 Mounting Bracket – DIN Rail

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