Bluetooth Serial Adapter / Access Point

Bluetooth Serial and USB adapter are designed to replace RS-232 or RS-422/485 serial cables with wireless connectivity. Supporting data transfer up to 230Kbit/s, these Bluetooth serial adapter are suitable for industrial applications that require data logging, wireless sensor control and monitoring in production facilities.

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Sena Parani-SD1000U SD1000U-G01 Sena


Parani-SD1000U Bluetooth USB Adapter for Serial Port replacement, Bluetooth 2...

Sena Parani-SD1000-01 Sena


Parani-SD1000 Bluetooth Serial RS-232 Adapter single-unit pack, Bluetooth 2.0...

Sena Parani-SD1100-01 SD1100-01 Sena


Parani-SD1100 Bluetooth Serial-RS422/485 Adapter single-unit pack, Bluetooth ...

Sena Parani-MSP1000A Sena


Parani-MSP1000A Industrial Bluetooth Access Point with 7 connections support ...

Sena Parani-MSP1000B Sena


Parani-MSP1000B Industrial Bluetooth Access Point with 14 connections support...

Sena Parani-MSP1000C Sena


Parani-MSP1000C Industrial Bluetooth Access Point with 28 connections support...