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Moxa OnCell Central Manager

Discontinued; Call for replacement; Moxa OnCell Management Software

Discontinued; Call for replacement; Moxa OnCell Management Software

Brand: Moxa

Mfg P/N: OnCell Central Manager


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Centralized private IP management software

Looking for an easy way to access network devices with private IP addresses over the Internet? Moxa’s OnCell Central Manager offers an industrial-grade centralized solution that allows you to configure, manage, and monitor remote devices on a private network over the web.


Due to the limited number of public IP addresses, most cellular service providers only offer private IP addresses for mobile devices to connect to the Internet. However, the nature of private IP addresses can make it extremely difficult to access your cellular devices from a public network. This is where OnCell Central Manager comes in. OnCell Central Manager stands between you and your cellular devices and allows you to access your devices from anywhere on the Internet. Installation is easy:

Step 1: Install OnCell Central Manager on your server
Step 2: Configure the OnCell device
Step 3: Manage and monitor your devices

By providing a central point of access to remote devices, OnCell Central Manager makes it easy for you to manage multiple devices. Using a standard Web browser, you can securely make configuration changes to a device, manage devices, and monitor device status. OnCell Central Manager helps you reduce maintenance costs; since you can diagnose and solve problems from a central site you won’t need to make as many trips to remote locations.OnCell Central Manager can be hosted at a customer’s central data center or through a Moxa partner’s server, and can be accessed securely from anywhere across a wired or wireless IP network, including the Internet.


Device Configuration
OnCell Central Manager makes it easy for you to define all control
ports and user ports, and change the ports if neccessary.

Device Maintenance
Manage and perform administrative tasks such as importing and
exporting device configurations, and resetting device settings.

Device Monitoring
With the device and connection monitoring features, you can
get up-to-date information about a device’s network activity,
connection status, and more.

OnCell Central Manager allows you to open or close a Telnet connection
for remote monitoring and configuration.

Account Settings
For added security, you can set up a username and password to
prevent unauthorized access.

When you create groups of devices, you can efficiently apply device
settings or perform maintenance tasks on multiple devices at the
same time.