Moxa NA-4010: Ethernet Network Adapter (Modbus/TCP)

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Sales Description Ethernet Network Adapter (Modbus/TCP)
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Easy Maintenance

  • ioLogik 4000 products provide spring type, removable terminal blocks (RTB) that allow you to preserve field wiring before replacing I/O expansion modules. Each I/O expansion module can be replaced quickly and easily.

Easy-to-Use Windows Utility

  • ioAdmin allows you to configure and monitor ioLogik 4000 modular I/O remotely. ioAdmin automatically detects the installed ioLogik Ethernet I/O and presents the installation sequence of the I/O modules. ioAdmin also detects and generates a Modbus address table, which can be printed or stored on a computer for SCADA software configuration. The utility also allows you to: 1. Automatically search for installations 2. Look for help using online documentation 3. Generate reports of I/O combinations

Remote Configuration

  • The ioAdmin is a powerful, Windows-based configuration and management tool. You can use ioAdmin to modify the IP address, update communication parameters, and configure all other settings easily. In addition, ioAdmin can be used to configure ioLogik modular I/O from a remote host. This means that ioLogik modular I/O may be configured from anywhere over the Ethernet, which can help reduce your operating expense.

Self-diagnostic Function for Digital Output Channels

  • The M-2402, M-2403, M-2404, and M-2405 modules include a self-diagnostic function to guarantee that the digital output signal is monitored electronically. The hardware- monitored status is written to the logic system, and you can obtain the actual digital output status over the network when the software sends a command to the module. This is all done internally, and configuration is not required.

Check Remote I/O Status with a Web Browser

  • Although ioAdmin is the main configuration interface for ioLogik, you can also check the following information using the ioLogik's web console: • Network configuration • Modular I/O • Status of each channel

Versatile Software Support

  • ioLogik 4000 supports the standard Modbus protocol and is compatible with most SCADA software. In addition, Moxa provides an easy-to-use MXIO DLL library that helps programmers develop application software with Visual Basic or C language under Windows.

Supports Various SCADA Software Packages

  • The ioLogik 4000 line was designed for the standard Modbus protocol and can be used with most SCADA systems. The following SCADA software is compatible with ioLogik 4000 servers: Modicon Driver, Wonderware Intouch, GE Fanuc iFix and CIMPLICITY, Broadwin, kingview, and Citect. In addition, we successfully tested the OPC Server "Kepware," which means that ioLogik 4000 servers can be accessed either from a SCADA system or through an OPC Server. Note: The installation guides for different SCADA software packages can be downloaded from Moxa’s download center.
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