Moxa ioLogik R2140: RS-485 Remote I/O Server, 8AI/2AO

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ioLogik R2140
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Sales Description RS-485 Remote I/O Server, 8AI/2AO
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  • Note: The Green Core Product Identity of the ioLogik series will be phased in starting May 1, 2014. During the product transition period, you may still receive products that use the previous panel design. Please click here to learn more about Moxa’s Green Core product transition.


    Features and Benefits

    • Supports Modbus/RTU Protocol
    • 8 analog input channels for millivolts ( ›› mV), voltage, and current signal with wire-off detection (at 4 to 20 mA)
    • 2-channel analog outputs for voltage, current actuator control
    • 16-bit resolution analog inputs, 12-bit resolution analog output
    • Easy-to-use, quick programming library for VB, VC++, BCB, .NET
    • NIST-Traceability calibration for analog I/O channels
    • Firmware upgradable over RS-485



    Linking Input and Output Signals over a Serial Connection

    The ioLogik R2000/4000 series was designed for system integrators to acquire and control remote digital and analog devices over both RS-232 and RS-485 connections. Different types of digital on/off devices can be controlled, including proximity switches, mechanical switches, push buttons, optical sensors, LEDs, and light switches. In addition, different types of analog devices can be controlled, including sensors that read pH, conductivity, temperature, humidity, pressure, and flow, as well as actuators and valves. ioLogik R2000/4000 series products can be used with the standard Modbus protocol, and SCADA software or the MXIO DLL library can be used to access the server.


    Easy Remote Management

    Traditionally, it was difficult for users to update firmware over RS-485. Moxa now provides an easy method for updating firmware over an RS-485 network that allows users to perform remote firmware updates, reducing maintenance time and cost.


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ioLogik R2140 


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