Moxa DE-FX02-SFP-T: 2 Ports 100 Mbps Fiber Card, SFP slot x 2, PCIe Interface (SFP module excluded)

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Sales Description 2 Ports 100 Mbps Fiber Card, SFP slot x 2, PCIe Interface (SFP module excluded)
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Features and Benefits

  •  2-port Giga LAN PRP/HSR module
  •  2-port 100 Mbps SFP fiber module (SFP module excluded)
  •  2-port 1000 Mbps fiber card, SFP slot x 2 (SFP module excluded)


The DA-820-Ethernet expansion modules, with choice of Fiber LAN ports and PRP/HSR communication redundancy ports, provide superior flexibility for industrial applications. The 2/4-port Fiber LAN modules are suitable for industrial communication applications with Ethernet-based devices. The DA-PHR-PTP expansion module is compliant with IEC 62439-3 Clause 4 (PRP) and IEC 62439-3 Clause 5 (HSR) to ensure the highest system availability and data integrity for mission-critical applications that require redundancy and zero-time recovery. With dual Gigabit Ethernet port design, the DA-PRP-HSR module provides high performance for redundant network systems. In addition, the DA-PRP-HSR features built-in native PRP/HSR management middleware with MMS server that allows SCADA systems to collect IEC62439-3 registers from multiple devices for easy network diagnosis, troubleshooting, device management, and monitoring. All modules are designed to offer the greatest flexibility for setting up applications and performing industrial tasks.











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