Enhance Your Business Opportunities with
Cloud-Based Secure Remote Access Solutions

The IIoT is all about achieving higher efficiency and productivity through processing of field data in real time. To keep up with this trend, OEMs and machine builders are offering remote maintenance and troubleshooting services. A new business model that facilitates easy and quick maintenance of machines in the field is emerging. These remote services not only enable faster and smarter decisions but also bring down the time and cost of after-sales support and maintenance of machines and equipment. Although using virtual private network (VPN) to remotely access your industrial machines and equipment is not something new, OEMs and machine builders are often faced with challenges such as security concerns, complexity of the VPN settings, IP address management, and compliance with IT security standards. To overcome these challenges, Moxa offers an innovative cloud-based solution—Moxa Remote Connect—which facilitates easy, secure, and flexible remote access to your machines and equipment.

Key Benefits

Moxa Remote Connect Suite combines server software, gateway, and client software into
a powerful remote access platform with the following benefits:

  • Easy Deployment

    Skip complex firewall settings and IP reconfigurations; Moxa Remote Connect enables you to easily deploy remote access in your machines without requiring extensive IT knowledge, thereby optimizing your engineer’s work load and enhancing your services.

  • Enhanced Security

    The end-to-end encryption and advanced access control provided by Moxa Remote Connect ensure that all unauthorized entities are kept out and your data is transmitted securely over the Internet.

  • Flexible Connectivity

    Moxa Remote Connect is designed to support various user scenarios and applications, making it possible to meet a variety of communication requirements, thereby providing connection flexibility and scalability.

Key Features

  • Auto Configuration

    • Plug-and-play installation for easy setup and operation
    • No VPN knowledge required
  • Smart IP Mapping

    • Requires no changes to the local network configuration
    • Intelligent IP mapping to avoid IP conflicts
  • Firewall Friendly

    • Requires no changes in firewall settings
    • Supports existing IT security policies
  • Smart Protection

    • Configure access only to provisioned devices to protect your process data and equipment
    • On-demand remote access control
  • Smart Tunneling

    • End-to-end encryption to prevent data leaks
    • Supports broadcast search for PLC software
  • Smart Connections

    • Supports various connections including 1-to-1, 1-to-many, multiple-to-multiple, and site-to-site network infrastructures

Fast and Easy Connectivity to Your Remote Machines

The Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) platform consists of the hardware gateway, server software, and client software, which the OEM engineers can utilize to securely connect to industrial equipment at field sites, such as HMI, PLC, and cameras, as if they are locally connected. In addition, Moxa Remote Connect can work with existing monitoring or programming tools to perform remote troubleshooting, maintenance, data acquisition, and device management.