What is M2M MVNO?

For M2M communication, one can choose the cellular services directly from the carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile (see "Best cellular providers for M2M"), or the M2M MVNO.   M2M MVNO does not own the wireless infrastructure, but has more experiences and knowledge in M2M applications such as industrial remote monitoring, fleet management, and AMI (Automatic Metering Infrastructure).  It bridges the carriers and engineers for the advanced communication settings such as security/encryption, VPN, or fail-over redundancy.  When there is a technical issue, M2M MVNO is able access the right resources from the carriers and fix the problem shortly.


Here are the benefits (or reasons) to choose M2M MVNO:

  1. Global network service.  M2M applications are usually spread out in a large geographical areas or even multiple countries which can involve both GSM and CDMA networks and multiple carriers.   The engineer has to deal with multiple carriers, to locate the resource or to find the right contact.  With global M2M MVNO service, it provides a single contact for the engineers and eliminate all the inconvenience.

  2. Dedicated technical support for M2M applications.  Most of the carriers are focused on the consumer market, so are their technical support teams.  They may know the smart phones better than most poeple, but may not have good knowledge on the sensors, data collectors or fleet management.  M2M MVNO focus on these type of applications and has experiences without further explanation.  Their services also include escalation process for expediting and resolve all service delivery related issues. 

  3. Redundant connections.  M2M MVNO works with multiple carriers in the same area, or has multiple channels with the carrier.  A fail-over redundancy may be available.  This will improve the reliability of your M2M communication.

  4. A single management network.  If any inter connectivity configurations changed, M2M MVNO handles it without any customer interaction.  It saves customers from expensive maintenance requirements and provide the best ROI (Return on Investment).

When consider the choice of using one cellular carrier directly or a M2M MVNO service for a M2M application, one must ask the following questions.  First, have we already had a good account setup with one carrier which will allow us to receive a good discount?  Second, will the application benefit with multiple carriers involved?  After this basic analysis, a M2M product can be easily selected to give the best performance to your application.

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