Virtual Com Port on Modbus gateway

The traditional Modbus network consists of one master and one slave device connected via serial cable. When there is a need to extend communications over a greater distance, ideally, an ethernet network is used due to it’s affordability, popularity and existing infrastructure. As a result the need for a “virtual com port” is necessary much like those found in serial to ethernet devices. This “virtual com port” is designed to create a software based com port on the host PC that will be able to handle the Modbus protocol.

ProCom is the virtual com port specially designed for the Modbus application. This feature provides a virtual COM port for PC to talk to the Modbus RTU/ASCII device over the Ethernet via TCP gateway. It extends the distance of serial interface and removes it’s limitation. Moreover, it allows PC to use Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol to communicate with a Modbus TCP device.


Here are a list of products for Modbus Virtual Com Port.

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