Surge Protection for Serial, Ethernet, and Power Lines on Device Servers

With our many years of experience in Industrial Networking we have found that the primary reason for S2E device failures are a result of power surges. These surges can occur during lightening storms (20 to 150 kA) or switching (tripped breakers, short circuits etc) can occur often and lasting only milliseconds. However, it can cause tremendous disruption in your network. In Industrial environments this is especially important because you want to protect your expensive end equipment.


Distribution of lightning strikes worldwide

There are 3 different types of protections we recommend to our customers that can give you a better ROI when you decide to network your end devices.

Power Surge Protection

Power surge protection is the first line of defense against surges coming from your power source. With the surge protection it is able to isolate the surge to the ground points of the device. This prevent the surge from going into the serial or Ethernet lines causing additional damage to other equipment.

Serial Surge Protection

Serial protection is very valuable for protection on your end device. It is capable of isolating the surge from your S2E device and entering into your end device. If it were to enter into your end device it can cause serious damage to very expensive end devices. S2E devices are simple and can be easily replaced but a piece of industrial equipment would be both costly and time consuming to repair or replace

Ethernet Surge Protection

Ethernet lines normally carry very low amounts of voltage for communications. However when a surge occurs it can be used as a medium for the surge to pass through. This surge can travel through the Ethernet lines possibly damaging other network equipment. This surge can cripple an entire network by damaging ports on the switch or the switch itself.

Surge Protection in Serial to Ethernet Device Server

The advance Serial to Ethernet Device Servers come with built-in industrial grade surge protection on the serial line in addition to the Ethernet and power line surge protection. It provides a reliable, resilient and a worry-free serial to Ethernet solution in an all-in-one package.

What Testing Standards Should You Look For?

The standard in which surge protection is tested is the IEC 61000 testing. This type of testing ensures the devices are subjected to various types of voltage spikes and is certified according to the level it can protect your devices. The higher grading certifies a product to operate in highly electrical environments. For a complete set of surge protection for your serial to Ethernet devices it should protect in all 3 levels listed above - serial, Ethernet and power.

  Description Certification
Class 1 Partly protected electrical environment IEC 61000-4-5 Level 1
Class 2 Electrical environment with well-separated cables IEC 61000-4-5 Level 2
Class 3 Electrical environment with parallel cables IEC 61000-4-5 Level 3


Here are the device servers with the above mentioned functions.

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