Beyond Ethernet Redundant Ring Technology


Industrial applications require reliable, redundant network systems to ensure non-stop network operations. Mesh, STP, RSTP, Ring technology are commonly used in traditional network design in the networking redundancy world. Each technology has its story of evolvement to improve or strengthen the weakness in the previous or other redundancy technology. Moxa’s Turbo Chain’s development is not any different. It is highest-availability resilient technology for multiple-ring redundancy architecture and provides the following benefits for the network designers:

Flexible and Scalable Network Redundancy Construction
Turbo Chain features extreme flexibility in accommodating any type of complex network topology. With the chain methodology, network engineers now have the freedom to create as many redundant connections as they have switches and ports by simply linking a new Turbo Chain to any segment of the Ethernet Network.

Turbo Chain-Turbo Ring Turbo Chain-Turbo Ring-2
Turbo Chain-Turbo Ring-3 Turbo Chain-Turbo Ring-4

Interoperable with Existing Networks for Expansions

Turbo Chain allows unlimited and easy network expansions. Network engineers are not required to reconfigure the existing network, but rather, use Turbo Chain to scale up the redundant networks directly. In addition, Turbo Chain can be connected to a network using any other redundant technology, such as STP, RSTP, and Moxa’s Turbo Ring technology.



Faster Self-Healing Recovery
Turbo Chain offers industrial-grade redundancy that is capable of tolerating network-segment failures. If any given network link fails, Turbo Chain will instantly activate the blocked path, and continue to forward the data immediately – all with a recover time of less than 20 milliseconds.




Cost Saving on Deployment
Turbo Chain reduces deployment time, effort, and installation costs, since the connection of different redundant networks can be achieved directly with no ring coupling needed. When compared with ring-coupling technology, Turbo Chain presents significant cost reductions, since Ethernet ports or kilometers of fiber-cabling that form ring coupling paths can be saved. This type of deployment is ideal for applications that require network redundancy and have budget consideration and cabling difficulties with coupling.



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