Moxa has provided key communications, data control, and computing infrastructure for dozens of successful major railway
projects around the world. Metro, high speed rail, and conventional rolling stock applications in six continents have all used
Moxa solutions that were ideal fits for their automatic train operations (ATO), automatic train supervision (ATS),
passenger-oriented systems (POS), trackside, signaling, and other communications systems.

EN50155 Onboard Ethernet Switches

EN50155 Onboard Ethernet Switches Details

Wayside Ethernet Switches

Wayside Ethernet Switches Details

EN 50155 Industrial Serial Device Servers

EN 50155 Industrial Serial Device Servers Details

EN 50155 Auto Carriage Connection AP/Bridge/Client

Designed specifically for railway operating conditions, Moxa's proprietary Auto Carriage Connection (ACC) can adapt to any change in train compositions. Details