IgnitionEdge OnBoard


Industrial Computers Pre-Loaded with IgnitionEdge by Inductive Automation


What is IgnitionEdge Onboard?


Inductive Automation has partnered with trusted hardware providers to deliver select devices with Ignition Edge by Inductive Automation® installed and configured by the manufacturer. This sets you up for effortless installation and deployment of your new solution.


Ignition Edge is specifically designed and optimized for edge-of-network devices. It’s a lightweight version of Ignition that comes with unlimited tags and a variety of data-transfer protocol options. Devices with Ignition Edge can do things like enable data buffering, publish and subscribe to data through MQTT, remote alarming, and more.



Benefits of Buying an Onboard Device 


Skip the Install and Save Time

Ignition Onboard devices come with Ignition or Ignition Edge already installed.


Ignition is open and interoperable so it works with just about every system.


Ignition uses MQTT to instantly subscribe to your industrial data.

Incomparable Performance

All Ignition Onboard devices are run through the same rigorous benchmarking process. Compare device performance side-by-side before you buy.

Optimized by the hardware Manufacturer

Ignition installations have been optimized by the hardware manufacturer for maximum performance.

Tested by Inductive Automation

All Ignition Onboard devices have been tested and validated by Inductive Automation engineers to ensure compatibility.


IgnitionEdge OnBoard Devices

Discover Onboard devices specifically designed to monitor, control, and gather data. Browse the Onboard device library by device type or company to find the best solution for your needs.


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