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Challenges of IIoT with Smart Edge Connectivity

Overcoming the Necessary Evil of Building the Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) begins with getting the Things connected to the Internet. Connectivity, however, is not always that straightforward in the Industrial IoT, and it is most likely an issue in your organization, where different devices— some maybe as old as 20 years and using different interfaces— make up a considerable part of your communications network. Consequently, most businesses, like yours, have to deal with interoperability and scalability issues, which stand in the way of successfully managing large-scale heterogeneous networks in harsh environments.

Managing a Large-Scale Network

More devices need to be monitored and connected to public networks. Managing a fast-growing number of devices and ensuring interoperability among them are critical issues.

IIoT Managing a Large-Scale Network

Integrating Heterogeneous Networks

Devices use many different protocols, and they are difficult to configure and integrate.

IIoT Integrating Heterogeneous Networks

Easing Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting wastes valuable time and delivers minimal results.

IIoT Easing Troubleshooting

Overcoming Harsh Environments

Devices are easily damaged by extreme temperatures and other environmental factors.

IIoT Overcoming Harsh Environments