Moxa Industry Specified Computers

Specially designed for the specified markets such as Oil & Gas (for hazardous Zone 2), Solar, Power Substation (IEC-61850), Railway (EN-50155), and Marine (IEC 60945, DNV, and IACS E-10).

Moxa Oil & Gas Computers

Durable, fanless computers certified for hazardous Zone 2 environments. 1000 nit scratch resistant displays and temperature-tolerance.


Moxa Solar Computers

IEC 61850 certified computers integrated PRP/HSR for zero recovery time, and MMS data modeling for power substation SCADA.


Moxa Power Substation Computers

Level 4 EMC and IEC-61850 computers to guarantee adequate protection against a variety of environmental conditions.


Moxa Rail Computers

Anti-vibration and anti-shock computer with EN50155 certification for the railway applications.


Moxa Marine Computers

Compact and rugged computer with extreme performance and rock-solid reliability for marine bridge systems.