Hirschmann Automation and Control is the specialist in automation, control and networking systems. Hirschmannn offers a complete integrated structure for data communication throughout the company. The product range includes network components for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet through fiber interface for different field bus systems up to electrical actuator and sensor connectors.

Hirschmann Spider & RS2 Switches

Fast-ETHERNET / Gigabit / 2 port media converter Switches with optical ports Extended temperature range selectable (-40°C to +70°C)


Hirschmann RS20 - Compact

Hirschmann RS20 compact platform allows for up to 24-ports in a mere 4.5 inches of DIN rail!Learn more about these products...


Hirschmann RS30 - Compact

Gigabit/Fast Ethernet-switch, managed, Software Layer 2 Enhanced, for DIN rail store-and-forward-switching, fanless design


Hirschmann RS40 - Compact

10/100/1000 Gigabit DIN-rail mount 10-60vdc managed Industrial Ethernet switches.


Hirschmann RSB20 - Compact

Fast Ethernet RSB switches with basic software version.


Hirschmann MICE Modular Switch

Industrially compatible, flexible, economical and future-safe - these are only a few features, which the intelligent MICE system is offering. Regardless of standard or configurable switches, the... Details

Hirschmann MACH - Rackmount Switch

19 inch Rack-mount Industrial backbone/workgroup 10/100/1000/10G managed Ethernet switches.


Hirschmann RSR Rugged Switches

Hirschmann RSR Compact Ruggedized Managed SwitcheResistant to shock and vibration8TX to 10 ports fiberDIN rail or Panel mountingExtremely high RFI/EMI immunityUltra-fast ring recovery time < ... Details

Hirschmann BAT Wireless AP

Hirschmann BAT54-Rail access point puts proven, reliable industrial-grade WLAN networking on the rails.Maximum security and redundancyPerfected technology for industrial applicationsExtended tem... Details

Hirschmann Eagle Router/Firewall

Industrial security appliance to control access between local or remote networks.


Hirschmann OCTOPUS IP 67 M12 Switches

Hirschmann OCTOPUS IP 67 under extreme conditions: Dirt, temperature fluctuations and other critical environmental conditions. The open system with standardized M12 technology is ideal for field... Details

Hirschmann Protocol & Fiber Converter

Hirschmann Fiber signal extenders/isolators for proprietary serial protocols.


Hirschmann HiVision Software

Hirschmann Enterprise and Industrial device configuration and SNMP monitoring software.


Hirschmann General Accessories

SFP, Power supplies, cables, and peripherals for Hirschmann products.